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For Women Struggling to Find Men Who are Ready for Commitment and a Lasting Relationship of their Choice...

Discover How this Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Creates a Counterintuitive Dating Strategythat Attract Your Dream Husband in Nearly Instantly

Inside you get to create captivating dating profile, optimizing visibility, and receive tips on interacting and sending your first message that won’t go unnoticed... (... all while having 24/7 access to your coach for continuous support)

It's hard to ignore: Your friends are walking down the aisle, and you're left wondering if the right guy is out there for you.

Do you….

  • Get tired of the single life and constantly questioning when the right man will come along
  • Struggle to find men who are ready for commitment and a lasting relationship with you?
  • Feel afraid you’ll run out of time before you find your husband and can have kids together?
  • Seem embarrassed when your family and friends keep asking how your love life is?
  • Feel as if you’re stuck in a cycle of making the same errors in your interactions with men?

Dating is an art, and with a little practice you’ll soon have men lining up at your door. Ladies, our clock is ticking, don’t waste
another moment! Boost your confidence, learn how to become irresistible to men, and to leave him wanting more.

Introducing Cupid Gurus

Your Best Friend in Online Dating

How It Works

Step 1: Connect with a Coach Who Understands You

Answer a few questions about yourself and get matched with our specialized coach who’s tailored made for your specific situation.

Step 2: Buy Minutes Or Choose Your Plan

We offer flexible payment plans that suit your budget Plans start at $50/wk.

Step 3: Get Personalized Relationship Coaching 24/7

Get quick advice or more in depth coaching via phone call, email, video chat, or text message. Our coaches are always available to help you succeed in your dating journey.

Step 4: Achieve Your Relationship Success

Transform your love life with guidance and support from our experienced coaches.

Video Consultation

Expert Insights Just a Click Away

Uncover the secrets to attracting men in daily life, from striking up a conversation at
the coffee shop to making a lasting impression at social gatherings.

Craft an Irresistible Online Dating Profile

Learn how to craft an online dating profile that stands out and attracts the right men towards you.

Advanced Dating App Messaging Strategy

Discover how to craft compelling messages that captivate men's attention and prompt engaging conversations.

Boost Confidence with Men

Enhance your self-assurance to new heights and become a woman men are drawn to

Determine Your 'Must-Haves' In Men

Pinpoint your essential criteria to attract worthy male partners and eliminate those who don't align with your core values and standards.

Understanding Men's Psychology

Gain deeper insights into what men are looking for in a relationship, helping you connect on a more meaningful level.

Post-Date Analysis and Feedback

Constructive feedback after dates to refine your approach and techniques.

Develop a vision of your perfect relationship

encompassing the personality traits and core values you seek in a partner. This clarity will
guide you to be more intentional and focused as you explore the dating world

Enjoy endless email access to your coach for continuous 1-on-1 support. Feel free to share screenshots of your online dating profile, message exchanges, or wardrobe choices for your date!

Pay Per Minute Option

15 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


Monthly Subscription

120 Minutes

$50 / week bill monthly

250 Minutes

$62.50 / week bill monthly

400 Minutes

$90 / week bill monthly

Find Love Faster

Let your personal dating coach guide you through the
hurdles that have been keeping you from connecting with
men. Together, we’ll pave the way to finding love faster.

Meet more men who are a great match for you

Your dating coach can help you identify the type of man
that is right for you and perfect your approach.

Create a dating strategy that
leads to a relationship

Your dating coach can help you define what you’re looking
for in a relationship and create a step-by-step strategy to
make it happen.

Ready to Transform Your Dating Life? Book a Session Now!

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling love life. Click here to schedule your personal session with a seasoned dating coach. Don't wait for change, make it happen. Book your call today and start your journey to dating success!

Free Consultation

What Advice Are You Looking for?

Dating Advice

Begin your personalized dating journey with our expert coaches who provide tailored guidance on defining your dating goals, improving communication skills, and planning memorable dates. Cupid gurus transform your dating experience, so you can navigate your journey with confidence and find the love you’ve been seeking.

Coping with a Breakup

You see, navigating the emotional aftermath of a breakup is challenging. Our compassionate coaches are here to support you, providing strategies to cope, heal, and emerge stronger. Cupid Gurus lets you rediscover your resilience and take the first step toward a brighter, post-breakup future.

Getting Back Together With My Ex

Want to rekindle your past flame with your Ex? Our coaches specialize in guiding you through the delicate process of getting back together your ex-partner. Gain insights on communication, rebuilding trust, and creating a foundation for a healthier, revived relationship.


We all know, infidelity can be emotionally devastating. Hence, our expert coaches offer a judgement-free space to explore the complexities of cheating, helping you navigate the aftermath, rebuild trust, and decide on the best path forward for your relationships.

Couple Coaching

Strengthen your bond with your loved ones with personalized couple coaching. At Cupid Gurus, our experts provide tools to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and nuture a thriving relationship. Whether you’re newly together or navigating long-term commitment, we guide you toward a more fulfilling partnership.

Sex Issues

To have a healthy relationship, it is crucial to address intimacy concerns. That’s where Cupid Gurus comes in. Our expert coaches offer a safe space to discuss sex-related issues, providing guidance on communication, understanding each other’s needs, and fostering a more satisfying and connected sexual relationship.


At Cupid Gurus, we celebrate love in all its forms and shape with our LGBTQ|A+ coaching services. Our inclusive and knowledgeable coaches offer support, guidance, and insights tailored to the unique dynamics of LGBTQ|A+ relationships and letting you embrace your authentic self and build meaningful relationships.


Let’s face it, navigating the complexities of divorce requires emotional reilience and strategic planning. Our expert coaches provide compassionate support, helping you cope with the emotional challenges, make informed decisions, and build roadmap for a new, post-divorce empowered chapter in your life.

In addition, you'll gain access to this exclusive bonus

Dating App Profile Makeover

Let us revamp your dating app profile to help you consistently match with women you're genuinely interested in. Our service
is designed to make your profile shine on platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and more

With our expert team, we’ll revamp your profile from the ground up. Here’s what you can expect:

Eye-Catching Profile Photos

Our professional photographers will capture your best angles, showcasing the real, attractive you.

Engaging Bio Rewrite

Say goodbye to clichés! Our creative writers will craft a bio that’s not just words, but a window into your personality.

Profile Optimization

We ensure your profile hits all the right notes for maximum visibility and appeal.

Personalized Advice

Get tailored tips on how to interact on the app, from sending the first message to planning the perfect date.

Increased Matches

Watch your match rate soar with a profile that stands out.

Authentic Representation

We focus on highlighting your unique qualities.

Expert Team

Benefit from professionals in photography, writing, and dating consultancy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Love your new profile, or we’ll redo it for free!