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Aloha! Looking for someone who can listen in to your hopes and aspirations— and help you turn them into reality? Someone that is a great listener and can guide you through your personal journey with no judgment?

The type of support I can provide has a vast range! Whether you’re in the midst of figuring out the next best steps for your current relationship, how to navigate in or out of a long-term or complex one; or jumping in and navigating the ever-evolving dating world— I got you!

I have spent a lot of my professional experience understanding people and behavior, so I can provide a ton of insight on the psychology level. My counseling experience will provide a safe space for us to navigate together! I will listen in to what you’re looking to achieve, and help you turn it all into achievable goals! I also have an abundance of experience helping adults through self-exploration activities to help promote self-reflection and introspection.

In addition, my master’s degree specialization is Behavioral & Mental health so I can also provide support in many ways (because let’s face it— navigating relationship and the dating world can sometimes feel overwhelming). I want to help you feel confident in your next steps!

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