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Hey my name is Mary H. and I am here to be your guide on how to maintain a stable healthy relationship, to help you break out of the friendzone or also to clean what’s toxic between the two of you so you can start a new healthy page as soon as possible!

Love is the most beautiful thing on earth but it also is what has the power to leave us the most frustrated and lost. How can we control our feelings? What should we say or do to create a comfort zone for ourselves and our partners? How can we know that this person isn’t actually just wasting our time?

As a professional Dating Coach with years of experience and knowledge, I am ready to share with you the best advices so you can lead the way with confidence in yourself, in your partner and in the relationship.
I have even dealt with people who had troubles flirting and making their way to relationships and trust me, some of them are married now!

I make sure that your relationship is safe because I value privacy and my goal is to have you doing better with your loved one. I am an understanding person who listens and who is ready to put myself in your shoes, make analysis of the situations and eventually detect the solution.

I do have the answers to all of your questions and you’re only one step away from that!

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