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A Blend of Old And New

A Blend of Old And New

The Challenge of many people is whether to renovate or build. The owners of this Claremont home decided that additions and alterations were the way to go, and transformed their existing home into a contemporary dwelling that shines as an example of a truly successful renovation.

The challenge for architect Gerard McCann and builders Quaine Constructions, was to maintain the charm and appearance of the heritage-style, which still displayed its gracious past and timeless character whilst updating it with all the modern luxuries and conveniences need for today’s lifestyle.


A major obstacle for Quaine was to retain the front facade because the wall was failing. This necessitated the removal of the northern boundary wall and the concrete underpinning of the existing limestone foundations. All was complicated further by limited site access however in the end this home has been stunningly rejuvenated and restored to its absolute former glory. It is authentic and luxurious in every detail from the restoration and re-use of beautiful feature items such as the historic stained glass windows and the excellent and quality finishes used throughout the house.


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