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Introducing the International Award Winning Alia Collection.

Introducing the International Award Winning Alia Collection.

Built on the principles of minimalism, the international award-winning Alia collection strips tapware design down to its fundamental elements.

Alia’s strong design features are defined by its sparse flat surfaces, robust right angles and solid brass construction. The austere simplicity of this collection is enhanced by its fine attention to detail, as shown in the product’s etching and black trim detailing.

This unique design has been recently recognised internationaly with a 2017 Red Dot Design Award, one of the worlds most most sought-after quality marks for good design.

Each product in the Alia collection is available in three stylish, modern finishes; Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Brushed Gold.

Chrome, the most versatile of all tapware finishes, will suit most bathroom designs and can be used alongside a variety of colours and finishes, from timber décor and stone benchtops, to white basins and marble accents.

Brushed Nickel is characterised by its warm, soft metallic appearance and brushed lines on its surface. It’s a more tones down look that pairs well with white, as well as light coloured granite or polished concrete.

The soft metallic hue of our Brushed Gold finish is a modern spin on the traditional gold tapware finish and can be paired with other soft metallic finishes, and used in monochrome environments or a contemporary scheme.

Technology is also a primary feature in this new collection as the Alia Shower / Wall Mixer uses a high quality, German made, Progressive Cartridge. User operation is simple, by turning the mixer dial clockwise, water flow and temperature increases. The cartridge also features a unique, two-click system.

These clicks highlight significant stages of the rotation. The first click indicates that hot water will begin to mix with full pressure cold. The second signals when the water has an equal hot/cold mix.

 Alia’s superb functionality and polished surfaces come together to create the ultimate in minimalist style and luxury living

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