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This project questions the traditional sense of every hotel we’ve ever stayed in. Copenhagen based company VIPP,  has come up with a innovative concept where instead of having several identical rooms in one place, they offer a variety of personalised and curated rooms in unique destinations.

The typical hotel room comes with the same elements that we’re used,  let’s just forget for a moment though about restaurants, lobbies and fitness centres. In this example, however – the VIPP Shelter  you’ll enjoy a Mies van Der Rohe-like experience, as the VIPP shelter is positioned in the middle of the woods, near a beautiful lake in Denmark.

1000€ per night may seem like a lot for what appears to essentially be a ‘cabin in the woods’, but let’s deconstruct for a moment the concept of a nice place to stay. Imagine that instead of being woken up by the late morning housekeeping you begin your day with the rays of sun coming through the leaves of a tree.

The industrial minimalist structure evokes a feeling somehow of a black and white picture of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, resulting in a sleeker and more elegant feel than your typical hotel room. And what’s even more important it becomes a sort of frame to the landscape which surrounds the entire structure.

The concept is rigidly simple and it’s applied to both the architecture and the limited furniture found inside. The nature around changes throughout the year, from the bright greens of summer to the warms colours of autumn, VIPP Shelter takes the stance of giving nature the main attention it deserves and use it as the main decorative element for the whole “hotel”.

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