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Not grey, not beige – but greige!

Not grey, not beige – but greige!


La Cornue introduces a new colour in its enamel range, already boasting twenty-six rich tones. Not grey, not beige but a subtle mix that dictionaries describe as “the colour of raw silk”, this subtle shade will delight fans of natural, neutral interiors. Combined with walnut wood or raw stone, greige plays the card of a nobility, elegant and discreet.

Applied to all La Cornue ranges, the colour greige is also available as a coating for the Château collection metal furniture, hoods and rotisserie spits.

Permanently concerned with providing the ultimate in perfection, La Cornue ranges are coloured using a traditional and irreproachable enamelling process. All the metal components of the range are immersed in a one-colour bath to ensure that the tone and shade are exactly the same in every aspect.

Since the very origins of the Château model, colour and customisation represent La Cornue’s distinctive signature. Customers can order a special colour from La Cornue, a unique colour they have devised for their own kitchen. After tests, the colour plate approved by the customer will be safely stored in La Cornue’s workshops, for any future reproductions required.

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