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Bricks In Landscape Designs

Bricks In Landscape Designs

Austurban Proves Anything is Possible!
These days bricks and pavers can be used for so much more than just walls and paths! Take for example this jaw-dropping designer home in Perry Lakes, where bricks have been introduced as a key element to achieve the look and character of the contemporary 1960s theme…and it looks amazing

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“Bricks and pavers offer a pallet of colours and textures like few other products” says Kris McGillivray, Managing Director of Austurban Homes. “ You can get really creative, particularly with something like the Midland Brick range. We wanted to use brick in our landscape…draw some inspiration from the 60s, and our landscape designers have done a really good job with that.”


We asked Kris what should people consider if they want to create something like this in their home, and here’s what he advises:

  1. Plan the project early and have an idea in mind
  2. Engage a landscape designer to achieve the very best result
  3. Always use good trades – it may cost a bit more, but the end result will be worth it
  4. Use quality products

Watch Hans from the WA Real Estate Program chat to Kris in this Austurban home.

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