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A Hidden Oasis

A Hidden Oasis

Visiting this stunning property you’d be surprised to learn that at one time it was an old pine plantation in complete disarray. Purchased 15 years back by the current owners, it was re-imagined as Onyesha Spa – which was a finalist this year for the World Luxury Spa award, and it’s not surprising why. Onyesha is a relaxing Balinese-style day spa accessed through a canopy of lush shade trees and dotted with floral gardens and waterfalls sounds that offers a private oasis to escape to and unwind.

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Originally purchased as a private residence, the idea to create a spa was sparked by visitors who came and were reluctant to leave the owners tranquil surroundings. From the moment you drive through the gates and begin the 300 metre drive to the main building there is a feeling as  though you’re entering another world. In fact, despite being just 30 minutes from the CBD and only 5 minutes from Joondalup the natural ecosystem that has been created at Onyesha provides the spa its own microclimate, with temperatures averaging five degrees cooler in summer than surrounding areas.

Considerable work had been undertaken by the previous owner, a landscape architect who created at the centre of the property a beautiful lake which spans a full acre. However with the view of creating the many private areas that make up the treatment rooms, a substantial amount of additional time and resources have been put into the property since. The island in the middle of the lake was cleared, a charming bridge was built, and the island is now the site of a delightful gazebo and rose gardens used as a treatment area.

Visitors discover the Rainforest Pavilion hidden away in the bushes by wandering along a stepping-stone path under the rainforest canopy. Across the wooden bridge is the secluded thatched pavilion graced with golden Balinese doors within view of the lake. The Rainforest Sauna near the waterfall was also added by the new owners.


Onyesha Spa has a world of wildlife, fauna and flora surrounding a variety of inviting rooms and facilities. The koi in the pond have been around longer than their owners, and spa visitors enjoy the sight of beautiful birds such as blue wrens, canaries and tropical cockatoos that feed on the pine cones. A full-time gardener cares for the established camellias, 15-foot azaleas and a 40-foot Gingko Biloba tree with a distinctive fan-shaped leaf that rarely grows in Perth conditions.

Visitors to Onyesha Spa are invited to indulge their mind, body and soul every day except Sunday and Monday with massages, facials, body treatments and complete full day spa packages.

Onyesha is located at 26 Pinelake Trail, Mariginiup

Ph: 08 9306 8335



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