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Precious Pearls, Outstanding Opals

Precious Pearls, Outstanding Opals

Unlike other gemstones, pearls require no cutting, polishing or treatment to bring out their potential. Grown to be worn regularly, their natural beauty only increases with wear as the natural oils of your skin help to maintain the lustre of the pearl.

Ikecho is widely recognised at the House of Pearls. Priding themselves on exciting, contemporary designs, Ikecho specialises in the finest quality South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya, Mabe and Chinese Freshwater Pearls.

Houses an extensive and diverse range of luxurious pieces, and their collections are unparalleled in beauty or quality. Paired with quality gold and diamonds.

Make a glowing statement with Ikecho’s stunning baroque sets. Notorious for an irregular non-spherical shape, Baroque pearls make for a bold statement. Effortlessly styled in a casual look or perfectly paired with formal attire, Baroque pearls are always unique and, therefore, deeply personal. The White FWP Baroque nucleated necklace and bracelet set from Ikecho has a 9ct yellow gold spring clasp and is the perfect set to accompany you wherever you go.

White FWP Baroque Nucleated 13mm+ Necklace with 9ct yg Spring Clasp 45cm


White FWP Baroque Nucleated 13mm+ Bracelet with 9ct yg Clasp 20cm


Never dull Ikechos range of pearl earrings represent elegance and style. The White Keshi FWD Shepherd hook earrings Their impressive size, sitting at around 12-13mm, complement the Baroque set above but work as a stand-alone piece.

9ct yg White Keshi  FWP 12-13mm Shepherd Hook Earrings


The 9ct White 4mm studs are a unique composition. Featuring a classic pearl stud, the earrings become more enthralling with the addition of a string of oval pearls which loop delicately at the base of the lobe.

9ct yg White 4mm Studs round /oval FWP String Earrings


The Edison collection is a contemporary series with defined shapes and stunning contrasts. Be it the inclusion of dazzling diamonds, 9ct gold and rose gold, as well as white and pink pearls, these styles are well suited to any age group or any event. Modern and modish, they emphasise the notorious spherical shape of the pearl by framing it in sharp lines and forms, squares, and frames that contrast with the natural perfection of the gem.

The Edison round ring has a 9mm white pearl. The simplicity of gold on the glamorous pearl shine is a beautiful representation of Ikecho’s more modern pieces.

9ct yg White Edison Round 9mm ring


The other pieces in the Edison series feature 12mm gemstone and are paired with diamonds of varying carats.

9ct yg White Round Edison 12mm Diamond Enhancer 0.23ct


9ct yg White Round Edison 12mm Huggy Diamond Earrings 0.32ct


9ct rg Natural Pink Round Edison 12mm Diamond Pendant 0.164ct


9ct yg White Round Edison 12mm Diamond Pendant 0.164ct


In 2017 Ikecho began to introduce spectacular Opals to their pieces. Often paired with Opals or diamonds, these colourful phenomena represent the whole spectrum of the rainbow. However, each opal is as individual as a snowflake, and this light solid ring demonstrates the diversity possible. The Light Opal ring features 9 3mm stones in 9ct Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver setting. Opal is almost exclusively found in Australia, and Ikecho proudly houses a selection of some of the world’s rarest stones, including black opals, light opals, boulder opals and rough opals.

9ct rg Light Solid 3mm x 9 Opal RIng

For a bolder and more dramatic piece, this 9CT yellow gold, solid black opal is an entrancing example of the way Opals reflect the history of our beautiful country. Surrounded by 0.29CT Diamonds and stunning yellow gold draw out the black, green and blue strains of the opal stone.

9ct yg Solid Black Opal 1.99 ct Dia Ring Dia: 0.29 ct


Pink Pearls Ikecho
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Fax: (+61) 2 9266 0969
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