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An Intense Taste Experience

An Intense Taste Experience


Those of you who read our 5 Of The World’s Best Ovens article you surely would remember we featured the amazing 400 series combi-steam oven by Gaggenau, and as a pioneer in steam cooking technology Gaggenau stands for the continuous development of healthy food preparation… and here is why.

At the beginning of the year the brand presented a fully automatic cleaning system and accurate temperature regulation for sous-vide cooking for the combi-steam ovens 400 series with fixed inlet and outlet water connection. In combination with the new vacuuming drawer 400 series, they create the perfect conditions for preparing food for gentle sous-vide cooking. Design-matched to the ovens 400 series.

Intense enjoyment and extended storage life.
The benefits of vacuumed food not only impress star chefs: ingredients are cooked sous-vide or ‘vacuumed’ with no loss of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. At a consistently low temperature of 50 to 95 degrees the natural flavour of the food is retained. Connoisseurs and gourmets also praise the unrivalled texture of the food. Besides pure enjoyment, extended storage life due to the extraction of oxygen is an additional benefit. Freshly prepared sauces, chutneys, jams or other contents of opened glass jars are preserved by vacuum resealing. Space-saving storage and time-saving marinating are further benefits.

Ideal complement for the private kitchen.
Gaggenau offers vacuuming at a professional level with its vacuuming drawer, which is design-matched to the ovens 400 series in solid stainless steel backed glass and in the colour Gaggenau Anthracite. Impressive are the three vacuuming and heat sealing levels. The vacuuming level determines the percentage of oxygen extracted.

The heat-sealing level controls the duration of the heat-sealing process. The stronger the material of the vacuuming bag, the longer the heat-sealing process takes. The appliance can be planned and integrated like a Gaggenau warming drawer into a 14 cm standard recess. The handle less vacuuming drawer is easy to operate by intuitive touch control. Accessories include vacuuming bags in sizes 240 x 350 mm and 180 x 280 mm. New bags can be ordered as special accessories from retailers or from customer service. The vacuuming drawer highlights Gaggenau’s expertise in exclusive culinary culture with professional equipment for the ambitious cook in the private kitchen.

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