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Thermacell – Cost Effective Building Solutions

Thermacell – Cost Effective Building Solutions

Thermacell is the smartest, safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to build a home.

Brought to Australia in 1980, and used in Europe since 1932, the Thermacell system is so easy to assemble that any handy person can build with it. So impressed was Geoff Bennett, he not only build his own home with Thermacell blocks, but also bought the company. Geoff’s home in Somerville houses the head office and storage facility for the company.

“We are happy to show customers our home and introduce them to all facets of our system. We can refer them to contractors if they wish to have their buildings built for them, or we can oversee owner builders at their sites”.

This level of personal service from Geoff and son David Bennett, combined with the reduced costs, ease of construction, environmental and costs saving factors, means you can’t go past Thermacell when building. Thermal is also virtually maintenance free, with an end cost comparable to brick veneer, but that’s where the comparison ends. Thermacell is stronger, and has superior accoustic and insulation qualities. The walls don’t expand or contract, meaning no expansion joints are necessary, and no cracks ever appear on the interior walls.

Thermal by definition is a smart insulated concrete form, or ICF technology, engineered using the polystyrene to form a strong first-retardant formwork, used to cast concrete wall and floor structures. The blocks are dry-stacked without mortar, and have keyways top and bottom which push together like Lego blocks. The hollow blocks are then filled with concrete.

Customers choose Thermacell for the quality of our product and our personal service. We believe that we make the finest ICF systems in Australia, and our system stands alone for speed of build, accuracy and quality.

The simplicity of our system also makes it attractive to owner-builders who have little building experience, as well as professional builders who choose our system because it is so quick and easy to use. our company website at for more information about Thermacell.

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