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Turning the Table on Tight Spots

Turning the Table on Tight Spots

There’s nothing like a tight parking situation to put you off a new home. Whether it’s a steep driveway, busy road, or squeezy situation that turns a 3 point turn into a 33 point turn. There are however some innovative options that can turn your parking nightmare into a dream. The idea behind car turntables is simplicity itself. Drive onto the car turntable and the motor-driven circular platform will rotate your vehicle up to 360°. Whether you have a short driveway, a limited car turning circle or are looking to maximise parking space, car turntables can:

  • Increase parking access, maximising available space in tight driveways
  • Add space by increasing the number of vehicles that can park on your property
  • Enhance your property’s value and saleability
  • Improve driveway safety by parking more safely and efficiently on steep inclines
  • Reduce the risk of accidents around small children, for better driveway safety
  • Solve parking problems and hazards when parking in tight turning bays and on blind curves and crests
  • Park more easily if you have back strain or limited mobility

Australian-owned and family run, Spacepark have the perfect parking or car storage solution for your home or business. For architects, builders and home-owners, Spacepark keep it as simple as possible: with a simple selection and installation process, contact Spacepark for more information.

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