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Where’s the fridge? Anywhere…

Where’s the fridge? Anywhere…

Gone are the days of combined free standing fridge and freezer units.
Sub-Zero’s new range of integrated refrigeration allows you to enjoy truly customized refrigeration solutions.

Imagine the convenience of refrigeration right where you need it –  vegetable drawers located below your prep area in the kitchen… a fridge concealed in your bathroom vanity for a chilled glass of champagne in the bath. 

Developed at the request of leading members of the design community the Sub Zero range of integrated products provide an endless array of options with various size choices in narrow and wide designs,  drawers and  columns and fridge only or freezer only solutions.

As a finish you can choose lustrous stainless steel or hide your refrigeration completely behind any cabinetry and hardware you choose, disappearing totally into its environment. Now that’s fresh!

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