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5 Of The World’s Best Ovens

5 Of The World’s Best Ovens

When building a new home balancing your wants and needs with aesthetics, quality and budget can be difficult, especially when it comes to the kitchen – choice of oven can be a hot topic. These ovens are all unique, but what they have do have in common is quality, making them …

5 of the World’s Best Ovens


The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge installed Wolf appliances in their London home, Kensington Palace and their country home, Sandringham Estate.

Made in USA, Wolf has been building cooking equipment to satisfy the most demanding professional chefs and domestic cooks for more than 80 years.

Wolf products are regularly chosen for the most prestigious international architectural projects, such as The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, The Hesperia Tower in Barcelona and the Bloomberg Tower in London.

Wolf offers the revolutionary 762mm single and double M Series Ovens in three new design styles and featuring the unique Dual VertiCross™ system.


This is the most advanced dual convection system ever designed. It quickly saturates the oven cavity with consistent heat across all racks. The new Wolf M-Series oven takes the guesswork out of even the most difficult dishes. Just dial in any of 10 precision cooking modes and the oven delivers the optimal heat and airflow for the dish.

The new Gourmet feature has a menu of 50 presets that automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy. Gourmet tells you the proper rack position, sets the right cooking mode and adjusts the temperature. You just set the table, open the wine and wait for the perfectly prepared dish.

The Wolf M-Series Professional Single Oven is priced at $13,995

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and successful restaurateur had a Molteni oven made and installed into his new home which required the roof of the home to be added after the oven. Heston Blumenthal also uses Molteni in his kitchen. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also purchased a Molteni for their house in the south of France.


Many of their customers are restaurants with at least one Michelin star.

For over 80 years, from a small factory in France, Molteni has produced kitchen masterpieces of rare beauty and modernity.

Pieces are custom made from cast iron, brass, stainless steel and enamel. Options include: gas or electric induction plates, electric solid top, rotisseries, teppanyaki plates, vacuum sealers and special grills.


It takes up to 500 hours to build a stove, and no two are alike. They are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of ovens.

The price varies depending on the size, function, and aesthetics. Prices start from about $30,500 for a 1.2 meter, to over $226,000 for large professional units.


The company was founded from an ironworks in the town of Gaggenau, Germany in 1683. Over the last 300 years they have become a leading innovator in technology and design, used in professional and domestic kitchens throughout the world.



In January 2015, Gaggenau presented its exclusive world first, a fully automatic cleaning system for all combi-steam ovens in the 400 series. This innovation ensures that the oven interior is cleaned with unrivalled hygiene.

Gaggenau’s new series combi–steam ovens, with five humidity levels, can be combined with temperatures of up to 230 °C. These ovens can steam, bake, simmer, braise, regenerate, extract juice, grill and brown.


Gaggenau 400 Series BS48 Combi-steam Oven retail price is $14,499

La Cornue
Celebrity owners include: Kylie Minogue, Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

La Cornue

French company, La Cornue, have been manufacturing their products since 1908.


Most famous for their vaulted which are said to produce outstanding cooking results, which retain moisture and incomparable flavour. La Cornue’s exclusive vaulted ovens have a solid metal door, able to withstand warping from extreme variations in temperatures, making it perfectly airtight without extra seams.

With a closed, vaulted door, you’re unable to see inside the oven. All of the juices are trapped, cooking meat that it is incomparably juicier and full of flavour.

The Chateau series can be crafted in over 8000 configurations and in a standard choice of around 28 colour options and 12 different trims. However they can be customised to any size and any colour, Brad Pitt is said to have matched his to an antique pot.

The Chateau price range starts from $28,000 AUD

Our very own cricket captain Michael Clarke owns ILVE ovens in his palatial estate and ILVE are also redoing celebrity chef Giovanni Pilu’s kitchen.


Handmade in Italy with over 60 years of experience the ILVE freestanding oven is hand assembled, the entire oven can be pulled apart and put back together again.

ILVE is renowned for having one of the largest and most diverse freestanding oven ranges on the market, with over 1000 different models available. Their flagship model, the Majestic Freestanding Cooker and the 90cm Majestic Canopy Hood flaunts the Pantone Colour Of The Year for 2015, Marsala. This wine tone fits in the kitchen landscape as they are not particularly overly masculine or feminine, meaning it is versatile and caters for a broader spectrum of buyers. The oven comes in a range of colours and knobs are available in brass, chrome or bronze. The knobs are also solid rather than plated, meaning they age will beautifully.


ILVE’s M90FDMP Freestanding Cooker has a RRP of $11,099, with bronze fittings $11,749, and the 90cm Majestic Series Canopy Hood has a RRP of $4,449.

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