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Art Space

Art Space

Ever walked into a room and been awestruck by a stunning piece of art?

An artwork can not only enhance a room as an aesthetic accompaniment to your soft furnishings and furniture but set the mood and act as the central showpiece of a space.

If you’re an art lover and the proud owner of an existing art collection, then where and how to display your art in your new home is likely to be something that you will discuss at lengths with your architect, if however you’ve not previously invested in original art the design phase is an opportune time to consider how you might incorporate art in your new home.

Art Space

The key to successfully displaying original art, is to achieve a balance of extracting the atmosphere from a unique piece while simultaneously maintaining the space as an area for work, entertainment, or rest. Considering the placement of art in the initial home design phase allows you to determine where art might best be placed, in the same manner you might discuss the ideal position for the lounge or television.

Large bare walls are obvious option for wall art, but there are a myriad of other considerations that can ensure your artwork is optimally displayed rather than it being an afterthought in the decorating process.
Well recesses provide dedicated areas in which to hang art and lighting can be unobtrusively positioned within the recess to highlight the art.

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