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Minimalists rejoice – the marble trend is here to stay, with a twist! And those with a love of texture – there’s good news for you too!

Leading tiling specialist, Tile MegaMart, reports the love for marble just continues to grow – across floors, up walls, over benchtops and even into sinks! And the introduction of high-relief designs in tiles is transforming our walls into inspiring three-dimensional surfaces.

Today’s tiles are far more versatile than ever before – porcelain clones of both marble and timber render them virtually indistinguishable from the original. More sizes, more shapes and 3D surfaces deliver a wealth of design possibilities that create a sense of luxury to the most utilitarian of spaces.

Technology has created marble tiles, in porcelain, that are as random as the original in terms of repeat patterns while timber tiles have to be touched to determine they are porcelain and not genuine oak, ash, mahogany…….. Perhaps one of the most striking looks – ideal for walls AND floors – is the Marmi Classico Bianco Covelano white marble tile cut and laid in a stunning chevron pattern. The delicate veining, in ethereal grey, adds delicate texture while the grouting – in a complete contrast such as green or navy or even coppery red – creates the impact.

For a more textured look in marble check out the Marmi Classico Mosaic Line Carrara or the rectangular mosaics of Marmi Classic Bianco Carrara – a luscious mix of tone on tone, variegated veining and size differentiation introduces beautifully understated visual

The generous sizing of many of the marble porcelain tiles from Tile MegaMart mean they can be used for previously unimaginable decorative effects – integrated basins and sinks, for example! And for a more dramatic look marble can be used in its darker, bolder tones of deep charcoal and gun metal – striking veining and colour variation bring a completely individual aesthetic to any room.

And the previously prohibitively expensive mix of marble with natural timber is now eminently achievable with porcelain tiles such as Marmi Classico Bianco and Reserva in rich, warm finishes such as Jardim Botanica and Parquet D’Olivier.


Tile MegaMart has three locations – Alexandria, Smithfield and Newcastle.

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