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Vibrant, Fun & French

Vibrant, Fun & French

Add a splash of colour to your home with something from Tutu at Home’s new season collection of vibrant home decor.

Dynamic duo, Beau and Carol Avedissian have been diligently creating and designing signature pieces, using colour, form and art inspiration to share their love of fun, modern French design. After receiving an overwhelming response from eager customers and increasing demand for their quirky, products,  Tutu at Home has launched a new retail website. Expanding from modish vases and mugs, the range now encompasses every aspect of modern, luxury living, breathing beauty and life into the simplest elements of modern lifestyles, adding stunning patterns and bright colours to everyday living, from cleaning to fine dining and home decor.

One of our favourite additions to the Tutu range is the stunning “Blossom” tumblers collection. The handpainted crustal glasses are part of the ‘Antoni’ collection. Inspired by the colourful clerestories in Sagrada Família, the crystal collection aims to bring tasteful fun to your drink. The “Blossom” tumblers are available in one colour selection: Aqua, Blue, Green, Orange, Red or Yellow. Pictured below is our favourite selection which shows the iridescent effect of all six together.

Designer Decor

Possibly the most exciting new development in the collection is the perfection of the new colour ‘Rose’. As part of the pop art movement, the Rose colour demands attention. Currently available in the handmade Rose Mug, the piece is a part of the ‘Oreille’ Collection. The Tutu home team has worked tirelessly to perfect the unique colour obtained by food grade silicone.

Designer Decor
Contemporary Mug

As architects, Carol and Beau have a broad understanding of form and elegant line work. Their pieces like ‘La Danceur’ express delicate lines and beautiful minimalism. But for those seeking a more light-hearted statement piece, the ‘Frisbee’ series is a fun tribute to mans best friend. Represented as a smartly dressed Dog, the ‘Frisbee’ is a unique take on the side table. Able to hold up to 7 kilos, the statement piece is sure to get tongues talking ad tails wagging in any of its colours. The resin figure is available in Aqua, Red, Navy, Black, Gold and Brown. Coupled with the ‘Largent’ Bulldog money box, there could be no better way to honour your canine.

Designer Decor
Designer Decor

Continually evolving and growing Tutu at Home has a diverse range of cool and quirky items that make the perfect unique gift. Take a look at their website to view their complete range.

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