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Clean Your House from the Beach!

Clean Your House from the Beach!

Samsung robot-vac-1170

The coolest feature about the new Samsung Robotic Vacuum is that it’s WIFI compatible. While
you’re at work and get news from your friends they’re coming over then connect to your vacuum cleaner via your mobile device and tell it to clean the house to be done by the time you get home!

Samsung announced the launch of two new robotic vacuum cleaner ranges available this month that are designed to take the hassle out of daily cleaning for Australian consumers. Samsung’s new robotic cleaners are designed to help save time and make vacuuming an easy chore for Australians, who can spend more than an hour a day doing housework.

The new robotic vac lineup features a suction model, the POWERbot VR9200, engineered for a deep and thorough clean across a range of carpets and surfaces, as well as two dusting and sweeping models VR5000 Point Clean and VR5000 Light that are great for homes with hard floor surfaces. All products have been tailored to make floor care easy for seeking a smart way to clean. RRp $749 and $849.

The new POWERbot VR9200 is Wi-Fi capable to give users the ability to clean their floor from almost anywhere with the push a button from their compatible smartphone devices through the Samsung Home Appliances App. This means that people can operate the robotic vacuum from their workplace, while at the supermarket, or while out and about. RRp is $1,799.

Whether it’s cleaning up after entertaining, pet hair, or a dirty floor in a busy household, the settings for the latest range can deliver a clean to suit many lifestyles. With Samsung Visionary MappingTM the latest robotic vacuums can memorise a household floorplan to help provide a consistent and efficient clean.

The VR5000 and POWERbot VR9200 operate with Point Clean comes with the added benefit of a remote control, which gives users the option to guide the vac to a particularly dusty spot in need of special attention. Once finished, the robotic cleaners can be set to autonomously return to the docking station to recharge – another feature that makes the range a smart option for people seeking ease-of-use and those who would rather spend more time doing other things.

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