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The Open Plan Masters

The Open Plan Masters

South African architect Nico van der Meulen, is well-known in many circles as one of the best in his field. Nico founded his business with his wife Santa in 1984 and his team of dedicated professionals, from architects, interior architects and designers personally oversee every project they undertake..

In conjunction with their interior design and décor partner company – M Square Lifestyle Design, van der Meulen deliver luxurious homes, individually tailored to the needs of their clients – inside and out.

Function and form are primary considerations in van der Meulen homes. The majority of their homes exemplify cohesiveness between indoor and outdoor living areas in fabulous open-plan designs, that cleverly combine textures, and unique architectural elements to define living spaces.

The firm is constantly featured in the media, both internationally as well as locally, as a go to for all things architecture and design, with Nico’s creations being highly sought after.

House Sar Open Plan Design

Blair Atholl Open Plan Design

House Boz Open Plan Design

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