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Coffee In The Cabinetry

Coffee In The Cabinetry

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This built in coffee machine is so slick you’ll never need a take away coffee again.

It all starts with a feature called My Coffee which is setting that allows you to feine the exact mix of coffee and frothed milk that suits your personal taste. Decide what kind of coffee mood you’re in and you have either a traditional cup of coffee, a latte macchiato, a creamy cappuccino or espresso.

Options include setting the cup size, the strength of coffee, degree of grinding and dispensing height. Other features such as the frothing nozzle, removable water tank, overflow container and pull out drawer for easy access to refill water and maintenance.

Intelligent Heater
Ideal brewing temperature for the perfect espresso is between 90 and 95 degrees C. If the temperature is too low only a portion of the flavour is released from the coffee beans and if the temperature is too high it’ll burn giving you a horrible taste. The heater inside the Neff coffee centreheats the water to the perfect temperature and maintains it throughout the brewing process. Plus the energy efficient Senso Flow System only heats the water when it’s actually needed.

Silent Ceram Drive
The ceramic coffee bean grinding mechanism makes the Coffee Centre exceptionally quiet unlike other machines which sounds like they’re about to take off into space. Three sophisticated grinding zones ensure that the beans are ground perfectly every time.

Cream Cleaner
Cleaning the machine isn’t a problem or time consuming. You can clean the milk system easily every day to achieve optimum hygiene with minimum effort by simply touching a button.

Automatic Rinse Program
After brewing, the internal piping is thoroughly rinsed automatically, ensuring 100% hygiene and a pure flavour every time.

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