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New Neff Oven Collection

New Neff Oven Collection

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Neff’s new range of premium ovens and compact appliances are designed to complement the personality and preference of every home cook. Whether your passion is gourmet food, creative cooking, indulgent tastes or more scientific methods, there is a model to meet the needs of every individual style.

The appliances in Neff’s new series are designed to work in harmony, they boast clean modern lines, generous surfaces, state-of-the-art technology and effortless controls featured in vertical and horizontal designs. Plus, their wide range of applications ensures every cooking personality is catered to, no matter what your preference.


Neff’s new range features both an active and passive design. When turned on, all illuminated buttons come to life. When turned off, the oven displays only the two touch button – one to turn it on and one to program the timer.

Neff has been at the forefront of design innovation from its very beginning. It was the first kitchen appliance manufacturer to offer a control panel with a single rotary switch rather than the standard two knobs. This sparked a new trend and Neff continues to lead the way with effortless control functions. Neff’s new range of ovens have easy control options, which vary depending on the model. These include arrow-based ShiftControl functions and an innovative TFT Full Touch display for top-of-the-range models. This brings a whole new level of convenience to the latest generation of appliances. Its state-of-the-art technology employs the same touch-screen principles as tablets and smartphones, with a large display so users can input their desired settings quickly and conveniently. The baking and roasting assistant mode also displays colour pictures of delicious dishes, such as cakes or roasts.


Featuring an exterior of brushed stainless steel and blackened glass, the new premium ovens and compacts fit perfectly in any kitchen. Neff’s head designer, Joachim Grützke and his team have been working on the new designs since January 2010. Joachim says that the new premium range is inspired by the trend towards open plan kitchens, where appliances are seamlessly integrated. “With a user interface that is uncompromisingly easy to operate, we have reduced the oven’s complexity to a minimum, both physically and visually,” he says.

Neff’s premium range also includes a seamless built-in solution for vertical installation called Seamless Combination. Stainless steel side panels now make it possible to turn two appliances installed on top of each other into a single unit, without the need for an intermediate shelf. This means an oven of 60 cm, for example, and compact appliance, such as a 45 cm steamer or microwave, can now be vertically combined without any visible gaps from the front or side. This new innovation is especially useful in smaller kitchens allows appliances to blend into one distinct design.

The result is kitchen design at its very best, catering to every cooking personality and preference.

“Cooking with passion since 1877”

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Neff is proudly imported, distributed and supported by Sampford IXL. For further information including a list of stockists visit or call 1300 727 421.

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