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Induction Lowdown From ILVE

Induction Lowdown From ILVE

ILVE have been hand building beautiful cookers in Italy for more than 50 years. Each cooker is built by craftsmen using only the finest materials, and incorporating innovative designs borne from ILVE’s commitments to continuous research into the art of cooking.

ILVE has the reputation around the world of being the brand of choice for people who are passionate about cooking, offering stunning designs in range cookers, ovens and hobs along with the latest in technology and functionality including induction cookers. ILVE offers a variety of both induction built-in cooktops and freestanding cookers.

Why choose an induction cooker?

As traditional as it is to cook on gas, induction cook tops have become increasingly popular especially across Australia for a variety of reasons. They are just

as easy to control as traditional gas cookers but are much faster to heat, saving valuable preparation time.

One of the other most popular benefits is they are extremely easy to clean. There are no elements underneath the glass, so if anything were to spill onto the surface, the glass can simply be wiped down rather than the tricky task of having to take the cooktop apart, which is common with traditional gas tops.

Induction cooking is also much more energy efficient and therefore better for the environment as it uses 90% of the energy produced compared to only 55% for a gas burner and 65% for traditional electric ranges.

Boasting a number of different safety features such as: child locks, no naked flames and the ability to automatically turn off when cookware is removed, makes ILVE’s induction cookers the perfect addition to any kitchen.

How does induction actually work?

The best way to describe the induction process is a copper coil sits underneath the tempered glass. When it comes 
into contact with stainless steel or anything that has iron or ferrous in it, it creates magnetic energy, which then transfers into heat.

Check out the handy diagram below for more information.

Top tips for using induction technology

-Cookware must be compatible with induction heating so needs a magnetic base. This is because induction technology uses magnetic fields that transfer the cooking energy to the base of your cookware.
-When preparing a meal it should be taken into consideration that induction cookers heat up much quicker than traditional cookers, which makes boiling water and cooking much faster then normal.

Safety features

-If you happen to over boil a saucepan or pot or if the cooktop reaches a dangerous temperature, the cooktop will automatically shut down to prevent any harm on itself or the kitchen.

-ILVES induction cooktops are also fitted with a clever spill detection device. If any liquid boils over, the cooktop is able to detect the spill, turn off and beep to alert the user.
The ILVE Induction Cooktop Range

Induction Cooking, ILVE Induction Cooktops, ILVE

The pan detection technology, specific to ILVE will find the precise cooking zone the user is cooking on, and then adjust the temperature accordingly. Five seconds after the cooking temperature is activated the cooktop will 
go into lock mode to prevent an accidental change in temperature.

To adjust the temperature or to activate another zone, the user simply needs to touch the button on the desired zone to modify.

Daniel Bertuccio, Eurolinx Marketing Manger, states, ‘As cooking time becomes more precious than ever, we have noticed a surge in interest from our customers. I also think as people become more aware of the environmental benefits compared to traditional methods, induction cooktops will continue to increase in popularity’.
ILVE induction cooktops also have a booster option, which means large quantities of water can be brought to the boil super quickly as more power to an individual zone.

With a total of six built in cook tops and three freestanding cookers featuring induction technology, the ILVE range has something to suit every kitchen.

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