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Grilling, cooking and roasting meat, fish or vegetables outdoors in your garden, by the pool or on the balcony is a pleasure offered exclusively by the ILVE ‘myQ’ space saving Outdoor Barbecue.

The patented design is ideal for balconies, courtyards, guest quarters or a designer look in any back yard.

This compact 3 burner BBQ has a 12kW/h power output per burner with the patented fold away design.

MyQ BBQ, BBQ, ILVE BBQ’s, Outdoor Cooking  640mm x 480mm containing 1 tepanyaki hotplate and 1 stainless steel grill, it’s perfect for an area where the space around the BBQ could be used for other purposes when not in use. When open and in use the storage cover doubles as a splash back for the BBQ which protects the wall behind it.

The great thing about this little BBQ unit is not only that it’s compact and can be hidden away you can also install it at your own preferred height, so users who are taller or shorter can be comfortable while cooking.

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