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Incorporating Art In Your New Home

Incorporating Art In Your New Home

Art has an amazing ability to completely transform a space. It can add colour, set the mood of the room and create a focal point that becomes a topic of discussion for visitors to your home.

If you’re building a new home now is a great time to consider how you might incorporate art in your new environment. For this who are new to buying art it might seem a little daunting. Some galleries can appear intimidating, and the work itself can sometimes seem as though it was created for an elite group of arty types who are the only ones who will ever ‘get it’. We’ve therefore created a lit of things to consider on your first art buying adventure.

Getting Started
If you’re not sure where to start, consider things that you have an affinity with, whether it’s the ocean or nude women there are many artists that work on theme. Do some research and start by looking at local galleries with similar work where you can view art in the flesh, talk with the curators, find out about up and coming artists that are relevant. Gallery staff are there to assist you with the buying process so don’t be afraid to ask questions- other than ‘does this come in another colour’…
Once you start to get a feel for what you like you can extend you research by doing keyword searches online. Art is global, you’re not restricted to local artists or galleries. There are many online galleries that organise shipping to anywhere in the world.


Fall In Love
This is the number one rule. Art in our home is an expression of your personality an should speak to you in some way- you will know when you find something that is meant for you as you will be mesmerised and the idea of looking at every day will be exciting. However if you are considering your purchase as an investment as well, then remember to realise the value of your investment you will have to eventually part with it one day.


Consider the scale and where you will display it
So you’ve fallen in love with a life size rhino from an up and coming sculpture artist and it also fits within your budge. It’s all very exciting you love rhinos and you believe you’ve found the perfect piece. That’s wonderful if your new home is a semi rural property and you can create an African Savannah oasis in which to place him but if you’re in the middle of suburbia it may not be the best purchase. Same also goes for content. Consider anything of a graphic nature in the same way, you might love it but you probably don’t want to have it handing beside your 14 seat dining table at dinner parties.

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