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Beautiful Bedrooms

Beautiful Bedrooms

Finding fabulous furniture that will complement your new home can be both fun and frustrating. Often a compromise between what you had in mind and what you could find is the end result.

Now thanks to one innovative online business – the search for the perfect bed or bedhead is a few mouse clicks away!

Custom_Homes_Bednest_Bondi1After spending many years in retail design and project development for big names like Marks & Spencers in the UK and then moving to Sydney where she worked with private clients and local manufacturers, founder of BedNest, Nicky Linke, realised that sourcing personalised quality furniture was often a difficult task for the end consumer looking for custom made decor for their home.

Starting initially with just bedheads, Nicky developed the idea of a simple online solution that would allow consumers to customise a bedhead with a simple 3 step process, choosing design, size and fabric choice to create a stunning tailor made product individualised to each customer’s needs.

Custom_Homes_Bednest_Bondi2The concept was well receive by both customers and industry professionals and based on the success of the bedhead line, BedNest now also provides customised beds, chairs, ottomans, valances and other accessories to complete the look. The choice of designs and quality fabrics that are available on the BedNest site is already extensive, however customers also have the option to have products made from any fabric of their choice, making the possibilities endless.

Custom_Homes_Bednest_Bondi“The ultimate idea for BedNest…’ (comments Nicky) “was to take the time and stress out of decorating. That’s why we are also here to help in anyway possible with the design process and guide customers with anything they’re unsure about. Also because each of our products is made to order, all our designs can be tweaked to suit your specific requirements. If you would like a bedhead a few centimeters higher or wider or lower, there’s no problem because it’s being made just for you it can be to your exact measurements. As an example we recently created a complete floor to ceiling upholstered bedhead panel to suit a recessed wall for a clients new home. The options really are unlimited.”

BedNest hand-crafts all of their furniture in their factory in Sydney and most orders can be delivered to your door within 6-7 weeks of placing your order.


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